Email marketing campaigns for Magento made simple.

Templates & Email Editor

Email Editor Preview

You can set up a template that fits your needs and use it over and over again. Once a template is created, anyone can use it to, without ever having to learn any HTML or CSS.

The email editor is compatible with the CKEditor (WYSIWYG), making the composition of marketing emails incredibly simple.

Using HTML tags, elements within the template can be marked as editable, removable, and duplicable, so you can use one template for multiple campaigns. This is a big help if you're a non-tech person, because you don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting anything important.

The editor comes with ACE editor support, which enables syntax highlighting and auto-complete features that make coding easy.

Email Editor ACE

All CSS is inlined automatically, and your email code will be sanitized of comments before it is sent. Thus, you can separate your CSS from the HTML elements. The rendered preview will show you a final version of what the design and the code will look like.

Code Preview

A-B Testing and Variations

You can easily create different versions of the same campaign and run a test over time to find out what works and what doesn’t. Let hard data back up your ideas.

Email AB Testing

The reporting functions detail to you which version works best. You can then choose how much traffic should be allocated for the test and add, remove, and disable variations in real-time while the campaign is running.

Email AB Testing

Made for Magento

Magento Expression/Code preview placeholders

The email editor perfectly integrates into Magento and lets you access features such as the media browser, allowing you to upload and manage images or even insert Magento widgets and other Magento CMS content such as variables and static books.

This means that you can add any custom PHP code or widget to your email content and create stunning personalised emails, showing users a current shopping cart, suggesting products from their wish list, or making special offers based on their recently viewed products. If you can add it to your CMS, you can add it to your emails.

Final Previews

The editor tries to mimic and show as many elements as possible, but some elements and structures are difficult to show in preview. To work around this, you can pick a recipient that matches your filters and see how the actual email gets rendered.

The email editor can enlarge to fill the browser window, and a quick click of the save button will update your content and your preview window automatically, making designing fun and easy.

Segmentation and Filters

Choose the users who should receive your campaigns. Out of the box, you can send emails to your Magento customers with orders or shopping carts determined by a variety of filters.

You can even plug in any custom address provider, or you can get in touch with me for other custom needs.

Easily create simple or more complex filters that define which customers should receive your emails.

Sample of Magento email marketing filters

Test your filters and make sure they work as you expect, or see if there is any filtering issue that's getting in the way of your results. You can emulate the current time to any date range so that you can check how many matches your filter would return in the past or in the future.

Sample of Magento email marketing filters

If you have set up your customer and product attributes properly, they will automatically appear as filters.

Are you a developer? If so, you can get your hands dirty and add support for any custom fields or filters that you want. Share them with me so that everyone can use them. I will try to publish some tutorials and guidelines soon.


Tracking and reporting are substantial for any good marketing campaign, but collecting the data is just the beginning: generating useful content from your data is a bit more difficult.
At the moment all basic relevant data is aggregated and available. However, there is more to do yet, so please be patient.

Email Marketing Report Overview

Most common events and data such as views, clicks, bounces, un-subscribes, country, device, email client, etc. are tracked for each campaign.

Email Marketing Report

However, for an e-commerce platform, other information (think sales) is what you're really looking for.

With this extension you can create custom trackers that can theoretically track anything you want. The best part of this? Since this is a Magento extension, it has innate access to your data. Thus, mapping campaigns to orders using customer ID, email, etc. make it possible to track across devices without a reliance on cookies.

Email Marketing Revenu Report

One goal may work well for one campaign but not so well for other campaigns. For this reason, you can create multiple trackers that will record certain goals for any or all campaigns and then choose how those goals are aggregated.
For instance, you have an email campaign that gets sent out to customers who just bought a certain product and you want to offer them accessories matching their product. Now, a goal is not just an order, but you want to capture only those orders that include the specified accessory. All you need to do is create a tracker and assign it to your campaign.

Since the data is already in your database and a tracker merely defines how that data is aggregated, you can add and change trackers even if the campaign already finished. The tracker will re-aggregate the data and make it available for your reports.

Do you have Google Analytics? Fantastic. Enable GA support and all links will automatically have the utm parameters set.

Bounces and Replies

Set up a POP3 account and the extension will automatically check for new emails, parsing them to look for bounces and auto-replies and mapping them to the sender campaign for the reports.

Inbox Settings

Keep your email list clean and make hard bounces automatically un-subscribe from your newsletter list.

Define a global forward email address or a specific email address for each campaign to which all human replies are forwarded. That way you can welcome the email replies from your customers and better engage with them.

And more!

  • Auto-login from email with expiration timestamp
  • CSS-inlining
  • Filter Bounces & Auto-replies [see wiki]
  • Email forwarding for human responses
  • Many event hooks for custom functionality and features
  • Domain-throttling [see wiki]
  • Template Editor with live preview and syntax highlighter
  • Email editor with WYSIWYG
  • Many filters for segmentation
  • Auto-check for new recipients
  • Google Analytics Support [see wiki]
  • Time filters to define when a campaign should be sent out
  • A-B testing
  • Auto Generate Coupons [see wiki]
  • Test mode and debug mode
  • Different GeoIP adapter for finding user details
  • SMTP Channel Server
  • SendGrid support via SMTP API [see wiki]

There is a lot more, and if you are a developer or an experienced Magento user and don't mind bit of complexity, then you can create even more personalised campaigns.

Theoretically, you’re not limited to emails: you could use different formats such as texts, letters, etc., but at the moment only email is supported.

Ideally this extension is something of a toolbox that can help you with any campaign you want to create.