The Free Email Marketing Extension for Magento

What is this?

Mzax's Emarketing is a free email marketing extension for Magento, allowing you to create automated email marketing campaigns that run for a set period of time and target customers determined by multiple filters.

What can it do?

Send emails to a specific group or segment of your customers, whom you can easily define via a combination of filters.

Create automated campaigns that will check for new recipients at any specified interval (e.g. birthdays, abandoned shopping carts, order confirmation).

The focus during development was three-fold:

  • Easy to use. Very little coding (or even no coding) is required. Most tasks can be accomplished without any coding experience. This makes it great for marketing professionals who don’t want to deal with the hassle of coding.
  • Flexible and open. With a minimum of skills, you can take things a step further and create even more powerful and personalised campaigns. As a developer you can extend and improve your campaigns in order to create custom functionality to suit your needs.
  • Strong reporting. Collecting data is great, but using it is better. Top-knotch analytics are important for determining if a campaign works or not. I will try my best to aggregate the data and present it in a way that makes sense to the largest number of people possible.

Here are some of the many things that the extension does for you or that you can do with this extension.

  • WYSIWYG Editor

    A wonderful wysiwyg email editor that is based on the successful CKEditor will help you to write your email campaigns. Create smart templates that allow you to reuse elements or hide them if not needed.

  • An easy yet powerful filter-system

    Segmentation is a critical part when you want run automated email campaigns. With many filters available plus the option of easily combining them logical will give you all you need to drive your emails campaigns to the right audience.

  • Track your success or failure

    Knowing which automated email campaigns or variations work best and which don’t. Track views, clicks, bounces, opt-outs and even orders based on filters to find out if the campaigns you run trigger the orders you hoped for.

  • Magento multi-store-support

    Running more then one store on your installation? The extension supports the Magento multi store feature. Run campaigns for certain stores or cross wide for all customers.

  • Abandon shopping cart and more

    Fine tune your abandon cart emails, create multiple campaigns at different timeframes with different coupons to see what works best for you, you are in full control.

  • Birthday Emails

    Not just birthday, if you have any other customer date attribute, like wedding date or other events, trigger your emails based on those. Great for creating countdown campaigns.

  • Bounce Handler

    Embrace customer replies, don’t just send out using “no-reply”. The bounce handler will not just track soft-/hard bounces and auto replies or unsubscribes, but also forwards real emails to you for you to react on.

  • Auto inline your CSS

    Code your HTML and CSS separated and don’t worry about inlining your CSS. The email composer will inline your CSS, clean out emails and make sure all your HTML is valid.

  • Customizable

    Everyone has custom needs. Many things work out of the box but this extension is almost a framework which you can extend and build on. Create your own filters and email providers or even mediums (email, sms, letters,…)

  • A/B Testing

    Create any number of versions for your campaigns, test different send times, coupon codes, subjects, text content, images,… and check what converts best. Let the data drive or backup your decisions

  • Mobile ready template

    Responsive, responsive, responsive,… create responsive templates and test them while you are coding them to make sure they work as expected.

  • Auto generate coupons

    Automatically create coupons for each recipient using the Magento shopping cart price rules. Create different coupons in one email or do A/B Tests on different offers.

  • Adjustable sending window

    Choose at what day and time your emails should get send out to make sure your emails don’t arrive in the middle of the night when no one would read them.

  • Test and Debug your campaigns

    Complex filters and segmentations are sometimes hard to test, easy to use testing tools give you a quick feedback on how many customers you would send out or tell you why your filters don’t return any results.

  • Google Analytics support

    Automatically add google analytics UTM parameters to track the success of your email campaigns using Google Analytics.

  • GeoIP location tracker

    Included is a GeoIP location tracker that uses different free GeoIP-APIs to get the location and timezone of your readers and include this information within your reporting charts.

  • Connect to any SMTP API

    Use established companies that focus on sending out emails by connecting to there SMTP api or created your own send-out API if needed.

  • It is free

    This is not just an extension that is free but you have to sign-up for some monthly fee elsewhere, no it is complete free! Use it on your server at no charge. Of cause you can connect it to any email provider or service you want, but that is up to you.

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What is the price?

It is free, go ahead and download it. If you find it useful then of cause I would appreciate any support or contribution, but it is up to you, no strings attached.

Where can I download it?

You can either download the extension zipped and ready for manual install right here (v. 0.5.1), or you can get it via Magento Connect.

You can also load it via composer at firegento

Where do I get support?

Have you checked out the github wiki page? It has some usefull information.

If you have any issues or requests pleases go to github/issue, otherwise feel free to send an email ( for any questions you have.